Confession time – I’m a truly terrible surfer. It’s not that I haven’t tried – I used to live beachside in a true blue Aussie surfer town. Give me a scuba tank and I’ll happily float around in the ocean for hours, but somewhere between the floating, popping up and staying vertical… Surfing and I just don’t get on.  I still have this dream, however, that somewhere deep down my inner Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush (#guiltypleasure) is busting to get out.

I know one thing for sure – if I ever manage to coax her out, I’m heading to Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu surf 1

Located on the Indonesian island of Sumba, Nihiwatu is an exclusive surf resort. It offers that perfect blend of barefoot luxury: days of surfing, sandy toes and salt-crusted skin, followed by indulgent spa treatments and soaking in your outdoor bathtub.

I think – I think – this might be heaven on earth.


Nihiwatu beach 2

Nihiwatu offers a range of accommodation options, from the sprawling Raja Mendaka villa estate – comprising five individual villas and a 19m private pool – to the hillside Kanatar Sumba houses with their private infinity pools.


The surf in Nihiwatu is world-renowned, with the resort offering up some of Asia’s most secluded, clean and perfect waves. Surf lessons are provided for newbies like me, whilst world-class surfers are left free to roam the acres of coastline and discover their own secret breaks.

Nihiwatu surf


This is a genuine dream break. Nihiwatu offers the perfect spot to take a prolonged break from reality, switch off and remember how good it feels to worry about nothing more than sandy bedsheets and sun-bleached hair.

Yes please.

Nihiwatu swim

Villas start at $650 per night in the green season. All rates can be found here.

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