So – elephant in the room. I kind of fell off the blogging wagon. Somewhere between moving house, starting a new job and building the entirety of IKEA’s Kallax flatpack furniture selection, blogging just fell off my to-do list… BUT I’m back, full of apologies and ready to introduce you to one of my favourite destinations – this time, a little closer to home.

The district line is a trundling beast of a train. It consistently ranks at the top of every Londoner’s most hated list, just above ‘strangers who talk to you on the tube’ and ‘gross black bogeys’. The District Line does, however, have one redeeming feature: if you keep going past Sloane Square, past Earl’s Court, you eventually get to Parsons Green.

New Kings Road

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Sunseekers enjoying Spring sunshine on Parsons Green, Fulham, London, UK

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This lovely little spot sits in the curve of the river, bordered by Fulham and Chelsea to the North and East, Chiswick to the West and the wide, slow flowing expanse of the River Thames to the South. It doesn’t really feel like London – abandoned to the whims of the District Line and all-but-ignored by the hipsters of Shoreditch and Dalston with their moustaches and mono-food cafes, Parsons Green has retained a unique small-town charm.

Tree-lined streets lead to the green spaces of Eel Brook Common and Parsons Green itself, whilst the newly developed Imperial Wharf area has given rise to a riverside walk that – on a sunny summer’s day – could almost be a different country. Lots of sweet little boutiques and delis line the streets, offering up all manner of extortionately priced artisan produce. One thing Parsons Green does very, very well however, is brunch. My ideal Sundays start with a wander along the riverside, ending up at one of my favourite local haunts.


Via: The London Proper

Hally’s is the ultimate health-food spot, with a sunny California vibe, dreamy matcha lattes and avocado on everything. Grab a pavement-side table for the perfect people-watching spot. Hally’s gets seriously busy on the weekends – for good reason – but they’ve opened up Little H across the road to cater for your juice cravings if you just can’t handle the queue.

Hally’s – 60 New Kings Road, London SW6 4LS / 0203 302 7408

The imperials

Via: The Imperial

The Imperial has taken over a beautiful old pub on the Kings Road to create the most instagram-worthy space: all exposed brick walls, Aesop toiletries and the most beautiful little hidden garden (complete with blankets for chilly winter mornings). The Monmouth coffee is fantastic and the smashed avocado and halloumi on toast is the stuff of Sunday morning dreams – if you’re wise, you’ll add smoked salmon and poached eggs. It’s perfect.

The Imperial – 577 Kings Road, London SW6 2EH / 0207 736 6081


Via: Megan’s

Megan’s is a local institution. From the street it looks tiny, but steep wooden stairs lead down into an incredible secret garden, where vines and fairy lights climb the walls. The roof protects you from the inevitable rain, and retracts back on sunny days to create the perfect sun trap. The breakfasts are decent, but the real reason you go to Megan’s is for the cake. There are new cakes every day – and every one is incredible! I’ve tried classic red velvet, zingy courgette and lime, dense and fudgy gluten-free chocolate and even creamy blueberry cheesecake-cake (seriously, seriously amazing). Screw the diet – get a big pot of tea and a doorstopper slice of cake from Megan’s as soon as you can.

Megan’s – 571 Kings Road, London SW6 2EB / 0207 348 7139